Eric Schatzberg, conférence « Craftsmen versus scholars », 3 juin 2015

Centre Alexandre Koyré

Séminaire du Groupe d’Histoire des techniques « Les savoirs opératoires de la matière de la Renaissance à l’industrialisation »

 3 juin 2015  14-16h

 Eric Schatzberg (University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA )

Craftsmen versus scholars in the discourse of technique and technology « The question of materiality is wrapped up in complex social relations that go back to ancient civilizations. Although all humans use skillful practices to engage with the material world, the nature of these interactions is shaped by the division of labor, in particular the division between mental and manual labor, which has existed since the invention of writing. Craftsmen are the people who interact most skillfully with the material world, shaping it to human ends. But most ideas about the material world come from scholars, who typically are allied with aristocratic elites. This paper will explore the tension between craft and scholarly knowledge over the longue durée, and suggest some implications of this tension for the history of 18th century chemistry. »

Centre Alexandre Koyré, 27, rue Damesme, 75013 Paris, 5e étage.

Contacts : Patrice Bret (CAK), Marie Thébaud-Sorger (CNRS/CAK)

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