24 mai-Technology in Early Modern Transoceanic Empires- Maria Portuondo

Mardi 24 mai

 Le groupe TaK – Histoire des Techniques à Koyré,Les savoirs opératoires de la matière de la Renaissance à l’industrialisation

a le plaisir d’accueillir pour une séance spéciale

Maria Portuondo

(Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore) professeure invitée à l’EHESS en mai-juin 2016

Elle présentera la conférence suivante

Technology in Early Modern Transoceanic Empires

EHESS, 105 bld raspail, salle 8



This conference discusses the panorama of the historical studies of technology during the early modern era, and in particular, those technologies that were integral to the development and successful establishment of transoceanic empires. It beings with a survey of the state of historical studies on a select technologies: navigation & instrumentation, shipbuilding and design, planning and construction of defenses, urban planning and construction and the development of overland transportations networks. Examples of these will be drawn not just from the Spanish case, but from English and Dutch cases as well. I then present a series of theoretical approaches that have been proven useful in studies of later technologies and propose ways in which these could be brought to bear on technologies of transoceanic empires. Finally, I will argue that this field of study, rooted as it is in material culture and the built environment, must rely on the interdisciplinary collaboration between historians, archeologists, anthropologist, engineers and sociologists of technology.

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